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   As a young teenager, Mira Tasich moved to the United States from Eastern Europe (the former Yugoslavia). After mastering English, she successfully navigated a new culture and achieved financial and professional success as an entrepreneur and as a corporate employee. Her skills at small business start-up and management, financial analysis, project management, business planning, and technical support in the aerospace, automotive, travel, and retail, industries allowed her to realize an immigrant’s goal - the American Dream. However, her belief in her happiness and her definition of success were shaken after her job in the automotive industry was eliminated due to economical downturn and she felt stripped of her identity and self-esteem. Embarking on a journey of discovery, Mira reassessed her motivations and life goals and reconciled her cultural, family, and creative influences. She discovered her talents as a painter, photographer, jewelry designer, and writer while also slowing the pace of her life and seeking and finding solace in nature and other Zen-like spaces.

   In her award winning book, Good Bye Job, Hello Life, Mira shares her insights with her readers as she moves from disillusionment, to confusion, and finally to reconciliation and happiness. Her readers and fans made her realize she possesses the ability to keep rejuvenating her life. With their encouragement, she decided to help others reassess and turn around their lives. And, the result is her workbook, LIFEHACKS: 40 Tips for Rewriting Your Life. She continues to work on her own journey, to connect with people of all cultures and to inspire others to live happier lives. 

   Mira lives in Phoenix, Arizona, with her husband and continues to value and enjoy her creative talents.

Reader's Reviews

“…There is much value in it for anyone--but especially for people who struggle with lack of self-esteem and self-confidence in the realm of making their way in the world. The key point for me is that your book teaches in an organic, not the old-fashioned, so-called, “self-help” way. I daresay it breaks new ground…The message, so often repeated in various parts of your story is that anyone can come back from any kind of feeling…..”

Marianne Ferrari, Publisher, Editor, Ghostwriter, Writing Coach & Reviewer for In-Depth Critique, 

“ Hi Mira Tasich! I recently read your great book Good Bye Job, Hello Life on Kindle after sending it to one of our sons serving in U.S. Marine Corps. Your insight and writing style are both 

remarkable. Thank you very much for writing this book which must be of great help to others with similar experiences, frustrations, and feelings of hopelessness…."

Bob, Reader

"Hi Mira,  I just finished your book.  What a wonderful story! You are an amazing woman.  I resonated with so much of what you said and loved the words of wisdom at the end of your sections.  I especially liked your strategy to stay on track during times of change, "Flexibility...accept, don't reject" and your signs of passion "fueled my energy to volcanic strengths (loved the powerful imagery) and affirmed my direction...."

Christine Itano-Cosner, Reader

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