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Goodbye Job, Hello Life

Available in “all formats, including audio”
Balboa Press – for retailers,  the book is available at wholesale price:
The Ingram Book Group, Baker & Taylor. 

Is your job smothering you? Is your comfort zone too comfortable? Are you overwhelmed with responsibilities at home and work? Is your job your life? Are you passionate about your present job? Is your present job inspiring and fulfilling? Is tomorrow…tomorrow…tomorrow when you think you’ll be able to balance your job and your life? Is the fear of change why you remain stuck in an unsatisfying job? If you answer yes to any of these questions, "Good Bye Job, Hello Life" will inspire you to turn ‘yes’ into ‘no!’ This book chronicles one woman’s pathway to balance, control and fulfillment. Become the CEO of your life!

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“Good Bye Job, Hello Life” is listed in Table of Honor earning the spot after winning an honorable mention in the 2015 Paris Book Festival.

It is listed under autobiography:

Table of Honor: Autobiography

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Lifehacks: 40 Tips for Rewriting Your Life

Available in e-book & hard copy

"Lifehacks: 40 Tips for Rewriting Your Life" is a workbook based on Good Bye, Job Hello Life, with tips to help you rewrite or rejuvenate your life. Whether facing sudden, unexpected changes, overcoming adversity, or feeling unhappy and dissatisfied, you will discover you can’t control the circumstances, but you can control your reactions. You are the CEO in charge of your thoughts, efforts, and actions. Blame no one. Instead, use your energy to uncover and chase your dreams. The tips and tools in this workbook will guide you to creating the life you want. Enjoy your personal journey.

"Mira, I love the book. It is well written, informative and interesting. You did amazing. Good for you, Deborah "

Deborah Brown-Volkman, PCC 
Career, Life, and Mentor Coach
President, Surpass Your Dreams, Inc.
54 Mill Pond Lane-Floor 1,

East Moriches, NY,  11940, US

Mira, your writing is great in this book! It hits the mark, again, with the flow of it, the ease of reading, the sincerity, the truth, accessibility to the reader. You do not talk down to the reader. They will see you as a friend, a real person. Which you ARE! Nice job.

Mira, you are a natural storyteller. You have the natural gift of being able to externalize yourself with a level of honesty that is quite humbling.

Marianne F.

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Available in hard copy and E book

Children's Book Now Available on Amazon "Mara's Book of Clouds" 

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