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Creative Dream Media

When Mira Tasich became the victim of financial cuts, she thought her business career was over, but instead the setback became a defining moment.

She started living her Second Act by renewing her artistic passions, overhauling her intentions and attitude, and sharing this journey in her first book:

“Good Bye Job, Hello Life.”

She asserts that losing her long-term job had a positive effect on her life.

At first, Mira just wanted to tell her story of overcoming job loss to help other people facing similar situations, not realizing how her narration would profoundly affect others.

As she read her readers’ comments and positive book reviews, she decided to make her love for the arts and her desire to help others a reality.


Creative Dream Media was born.


Mira’s message:

“When I learned that my book was affecting readers in ways I had never imagined, I became determined to spread positivity to the world. I want my readers to learn to rebound after facing difficult obstacles, to chase their dreams, and to live their passions. By reinventing ourselves, we can begin to live our life as the CEO of it and, I believe creativity plays an important role in our renewal efforts. We all embody creativity and merely have to nurture it.”

A portion of all proceeds from every book sold will go towards distributing "inspire" packages to charities!
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