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Newly appointed ambassador, Mira, says: KEEP ON LEARNING

I was fortunate as a new Ambassador for the UC San Diego Rady Elevate program to attend their annual signature event, National Joint ERG Summit & Elevate Forum, June 2nd & 3rd held in Marriott La Jolla, CA. This seminar showcased senior executives and key ERG leaders from major Fortune 500-level organizations as they all shared leadership advice and inspirational messages in their own personalized styles. The event and networking left me inspired, uplifted, and motivated. For people that read my book, they know how much I believe in continuous learning and last summer I jumped on an opportunity to take three classes offered by Rady, UC San Diego School of Management and obtained “Augmented Leader” certificate. This summer, they have a new certificate program. Thanks to Dr. Vu and the Elevate team for creating certificate programs for busy professionals and organizing the forum that rocks. After the forum, there was time to check out one of the beaches in La Jolla and continue to Laguna Beach for a photo session.

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