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Today was a special day. One of my co-workers and I had an opportunity to meet Kimberly and learn about HopeKids Program & Hope Community Events. As part of the ECF (Employee Charity Funding) association, prior to the decision to award, our team needed to evaluate the organizations that submitted proposals. When I first saw this proposal request related to kids, especially, kids with health issues I started feeling it in my heart that this should definitely be one of the organizations to receive one of our ECF Grants. After talking to Kimberly and finding out that they organize things such as private movie screenings for the kids and their families, along with other benefits like popcorn, snacks, drinks, bowling, laser tag, and arcade play, I realized it is much more than just a movie night out. The many events they organize throughout the year for these kids and their families are priceless! Not only that the kids and the families can add some positivity to their challenged schedule due to the medical and care demands (which could be so draining), but the kids get to socialize with other kids that require special care. It ads to their feeling of inclusiveness. I left the meeting inspired and thinking what else I could do to help them out.

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