January 20, 2017

Last night I had a very unusual dream. Normally, I don't even remember them, but this one was so engaging and clear that it stayed etched in my head. I dreamt I was at the Ellen DeGeneres show. This incident is nothing unusual for me since I am a fan and I have attended her show many times. However, in my dream, I sat in the first row, and she walked up to me and looked straight at me as though she recognized me. At first I felt guilty for having attended the show so many times. I remember thinking in my dream that Ellen was probably wondering why I was at her show once again. But then I was happy as I stood there right in front of her. I had my book on the table in front of me. I picked up the book and handed it to Ellen and said, "You can have it!"

Even in my dream I knew that I had already given her my book while attending her show. Nevertheless, I felt the urgency to give it to her anyway. As she took it and glanced at the pages, I mentioned something about becoming an author. She asked me, “How did that change your life?”

I told her that writing had changed me a lot. Since writing and researching social media and marketing, I have become empowered with so much additional knowledge. She nodded and said, “For me, too.” At that moment in my dream, I understood that she was writing as well. Meanwhile, as we were conversing, the cameras were on and the audience was around us. I worried about how I looked and sounded on TV. Then, I woke up.

I now wonder why I had this dream. A few days ago, I realized I wasn’t doing anything to promote my book. 2016 came and went and I did not reach out to anyone, not even Ellen. Right then, I decided I needed to write to Ellen - after all, she is in a chapter of my book. She is the one who inspired me ten years ago. In 2009 I attended her show on the first day of her Twelve Days of Christmas gifts, so I received many gifts, thus enabling me to buy materials for my jewelry making. In November of 2015, my husband and I each received a 55” smart TV, and we have enjoyed watching our favorite programs on YouTube. Okay, I only sold a few things – and most everything else I kept because they were too special to sell. But each time I attended her show, I brought her a gift. She was the first recipient of a bracelet I made – real silver and green jade. It was gorgeous. I also gave her a canvas print of one of my paintings, cards I created, and books. These gifts symbolized an exploration of my creativity and she was part of that journey. Plus, I have something in common with her. Both of us promote kindness. For this reason, I like to give my work away for free. But I am reaching a point where I am spending too much money on my creative endeavors, and my hubby is not happy.

I believe that officially meeting Ellen in person would be another life-changing event for me. And this fan of 10 years could use a visit to her show to bring her another copy of my book, perhaps enough for her entire audience. I need to get busy real soon and start sending her emails. Her staff might notice one of them!

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