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Cheering for Sonja Petrovic & Phoenix Mercury

On September 15th, I attended the Phoenix Mercury’s basketball game against the Seattle Storm held at the Talking Stick Resort Arena in downtown Phoenix. For me and my husband, this game was especially exciting. First, we went to support Sonja Petrovic, a pro basketball player from Serbia, now playing for Mercury. She was born in Belgrade, Serbia as was I. Second, it was Serbian Heritage Night and our closest friends’ three daughters performed with the St. Nikolas Serbian Folklore Dancers at half time. Over the years, we have watched many of their performances, but rarely have we shared this small nation’s culture with such a large audience at an exciting event. The game was awesome and Mercury won 86-62. Both Sonja and our friends’ daughters performed well and made all of us Serbians very proud. Serbia may be a small nation, but it has an incredibly rich culture filled with tradition and amazing talent - especially in sports and music!

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