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A Letter to Ellen DeGeneres (Sent In 2015)

Dear Ellen,

I have been watching your show for years. But it wasn’t until the year that I lost my job, and attended your taping for the first time…

That you changed my life forever.

As with most things in life, especially those that come in extremes such as losing a job, you find yourself lost, looking for anything to gain traction and build yourself up anew. And you gave us magic on that day when I brought my two funny cousins with me and had them dance as crazy as I did on your show.

And I have to admit… I went nuts.

So nuts, in fact that I got called to the stage to win a t-shirt. And all I could think about was winning your T-shirt. Focusing my mind so much that… I did.

Having been on the show and even winning a t-shirt impressed me so much, it helped me get out of my funk and stop grieving about losing my job. However, it was not until few years later after gaining traction at your show, that I uncovered my authentic self, and unleashed my talents. Allowing me a few months ago, to write my first self-help book based on my life. My own long and bumpy journey of overcoming the English Language and Cultural Bias to become the CEO of my life.

Documenting it in hope to inspire other people, just like you inspired me. Even giving you your own chapter in the book. And because I had such a chance encounter to see you, even only in passing, I would like to have the opportunity to meet you in person. As it would mean the world to me to meet the person who started the chain reaction that is my life today.

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