My husband and I attended a fashion show October 14th and 15th held at the Talking Stick Casino and Resort in Scottsdale, AZ. Phoenix Fashion Week brought in designers from various parts of the world, and I was especially excited to witness a live runway show. As a young man, my husband had a chance to model a few times, so he had firsthand experience with runway shows. I enjoyed the program more than I had imagined. With my camera, I parked myself near the media eager to capture the excitement. Part of me felt I was there working for my new venture, Creative Dream Media, so sitting down would not position me well for working with my camera. Although I stood throughout the event, time passed quickly as I took videos and still photographs. My body thanked me for wearing flats. Watching great designs pass by while listening to the accompanying music transported me to a world of glamour and fun. Any trace of fatigue I might have felt from my long day vanished. I had to write about it and post videos to inspire my readers. Inspirations happen even when you don’t expect them!

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