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Over the years, I have had many wishes come true, and I now fully believe in manifestation. For awhile I took my luck for granted, but over the last couple of years, I began to pay closer attention. I have realized my good fortune in both small and large matters. Lost jewelry recovered, clothing found, unexpected trips, a job with a dream company are some of my examples. But my recent status as a published author made me rethink the magnitude of my good fortune.

As I stretched my abilities into unknown territory, exploring the complicated publishing and marketing worlds, I did not expect to discover so many thorns. Just when I thought I had figured a step out, I ended up pulling back in frustration due to either not having the time or final element to pull it all together. Developing strategies, creating content, taking photographs, attending events over the weekend and working full time are all challenging. In spite of the setbacks, I was determined to be persistent. My passion for creativity empowered me to keep going, but being patient was not easy. My failure to fully market my book was causing some stress in my life. I had no choice but to wait for the right time to come. I had hoped someone like Ellen DeGeneres would knock on my door and chauffeur me right onto her show to talk about my amazing book. How else would anyone know if such a thing even exists? After a long work day when my energy was depleted, I would check my emails and then review, select, group, and edit my photography. That was my best medicine for regaining energy. I was creating other dimensions to my professional life, one based on my passion for the arts and another based on my desire to inspire other people. I was attending workshops and seminars and joining local associations and meet-ups.

No matter how much I educated myself on branding and marketing, I felt that I needed a mentor. I needed help – there was no way with the amount of time I had available I could focus on everything. After getting some quotes from PR firms, I realized the cost was prohibitive.

Then something interesting happened. My husband got a new job about a month ago. His boss invited him to a fashion show and I had a chance to meet him. That was the Phoenix fashion week I wrote about in my blog. Since his boss’s company participated in the fashion show, I asked him if he worked with a PR firm. He told me yes but they are very expensive. Our conversation was brief as I explained why I was asking. He advised me not to be a jack of all trades. I have heard that many times before, but this time when I really needed PR help, I understood the meaning of this saying more than ever. The next day, he gave my husband a business card and told him that I should connect with this person.

Eva Louis and I met today and had an amazing discussion. I walked away knowing she was the right person, the person I have been hoping to meet. My new PR guru is a multi-faceted, talented lady who I am so fortunate to have on my team. I will forever be grateful that my husband changed jobs and through him I gained this incredible connection. I feel that a miracle is at work.

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