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I often tell people that being flexible and open minded are essential. I wrote about it in my first book, “Good Bye Job, Hello Life,” because I believe these qualities help a person become the CEO of his or her life. Flexibility and open-mindedness helped me overcome challenges and achieve many professional and personal goals. These traits make a person “agile” a word mentioned by many educators and corporate leaders these days. Agility helps us face change.

A simple example of how flexibility enriched my life occurred during Phoenix’s Fashion Week. On Friday evening at 6:45, my husband walked in from work and asked if I wanted to attend a fashion show. He said his employer would be there participating in the show and he would love to support them. His employers - Brothers Tailors are custom men clothiers, and I am not too interested in men’s clothiers. However, I love to go out, especially to the fabulous Talking Stick Casino and Spa where I have listened to a variety of live bands perform on weekends.

My day begins at 4:00 a.m. and I work 50 miles away. So before my husband asked me to go with him, I had just sat down at the computer to check emails after a relaxing swim in our pool. Truly, I did not expect an invitation to go out. Dismissing all excuses, including a bad hair day, that could have provoked me to say no, I was ready in 5 minutes. I grabbed my Cannon Rebel camera, just in case, and tossed it in one of the my large handbags, ignoring my fancy evening bags.

After arriving, I saw the jewelry booths set up next to the pool, the D.J. music stand, several bar stands and the perfectly dressed people, so I knew I was in for an amazing evening. I ignored the fact that I could have worn a fancier dress, and I let myself enjoy the event. My husband’s boss and his family were very nice and I was happy I had a chance to meet them. In addition, I got even more excited when I learned the magnitude of this event. I had no idea it was Phoenix Fashion Week! Walking into a full blown fashion event showcasing designers from all over the world gave me a taste of glamour. I have always wanted to see a live fashion show and here it was unplanned, unscheduled, but I had my camera to capture some amazing moments. I stood by the media and taped most of it. I was not sure if I had more fun enjoying the designs and the music or capturing it on camera. Probably all of the above. My participation gave me a break from the daily stresses. It was just an incredible experience. I felt inspired to keep pursuing my passion and dreams and also to encourage my readers that flexibility and open-mindedness can lead them to experiencing amazing moments, ones to cherish. Standing on my feet for 3-4 hours did not faze me until after I returned home, but it was all so worth it. Physical pain heals after a nice rest, but the inspiration, networking, and learning gained from new experiences stretch our imagination and are all priceless.

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