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I made an exciting discovery in the spring of 2016 and did not even realize it until September. All of you who know me personally or have read my book learned that a few years ago I uncovered one of my passions, jewelry design. I really embraced this art form, emptying my pockets to buy silver and semi precious stones. I focused primarily on onyx, jade, coral, turquoise, crystal and pearls. Then, after creating and mastering this art, I eventually turned my attention to writing and stopped making jewelry. I had read about the healing benefits of the stones I used, but I completely overlooked one. And, that stone completely amazed me!

When I attended a good-bye party for a friend who was leaving Phoenix for a position in Dallas, Texas, I met her mom who was wearing several bracelets varying in size and color. One color in the bracelets caught my attention because it was an exact match to a new top I wore when I attended Ellen Degeneres show. Inspired, I stopped at the bead store on the way home, determined to find the right color beads and make a bracelet or two to match my top. I immediately found the stones and purchased a string. I read the sign behind the display: Amazonite. Really? I asked the sales lady to identify the color. She said it was seaweed blue…or green. But to me it looked like a light blue, perhaps aqua.

Then I read the description of its powers: “Helps to balance emotions, releasing anger, and promoting kindness; Encourages self-love, creativity, integrity, and authenticity….” I practically had my mouth open as I was reading this. It also said it boosts metabolism and it was an excellent stone for pregnancy. The last attribute I had no interest in, but what amazed me was the description I quoted in bold letters. These attributes described the core values associated with my book. Once home, I made several stretch bracelets and I plan to never take them off.

This event marked a new branding milestone. It was not about making jewelry to match the top, and it was not about falling in love with the specific color, one that reminds me of the ocean. It was something way beyond that. As I worked on my tips and blog on how to inspire my readers, I gathered all of my notes I have taken over the year. The bold letters describing amazonite made it all clear to me. In my book I discuss learning to balance emotions, release anger, and explore my authentic self, and I always believed in promoting kindness and living life with integrity. In addition, creativity was what helped me get through many challenges and uncover my passions. This one tiny bead had all these powers, all in one. Just unbelievable. It is good bye diamonds, hello Amazonite.

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