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Cultural Celebration - Serbian Festival

Attending Serbian festival on November 5th was a fun way to get out of cooking dinner. There were many delicacies and it was not hard to find something I liked. Actually I tried everything and took few things home. Held every year on the first weekend in November, it is one of my favorite events to attend. St. Sava grounds and weather make it a perfect night out. My husband and I enjoyed merchandise tables, music, dancing, and chatting with friends. There were products directly imported from the old country, organic pure honey locally made by Carefree Honey, beautiful jewelry and other things. I purchased an interesting beaded necklace hand-made by the nuns at Zupa monastery. Young folklore groups entertained the crowd and we were all grateful to all the volunteers that prepared and served the food. They all deserve a hand, especially team chevapi who tackled some very long lines by their stand. Another thing that is really amazing is the cultural center building showcasing traditional costumes and other products that mark the culture and traditions.

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