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DO NOT attempt to search for another job or plan on a new beginning without adjusting your attitude. If you are still bitter about losing your old position, you need to clear your mind before you embark on new job search or any other venture.

  1. DO NOT blame yourself or feel like a failure if you received a pink slip. In an unpredictable and challenging economy, “normal” is to expect a job loss at some point.

  2. DO NOT ignore all of your experience, your skills, your talents, and your unique traits. When you exit one door, you are not leaving behind your personal knowledge and traits. You will be able to use them somewhere else.

  3. DO NOT be pessimistic about your chances to land another job. Your inner voices can be discouraging, telling you that you are too old, too young, and not qualified. These inner demons can discourage you before you even begin to search for a new position.

  4. DO NOT panic! Instead do something fun or creative to inspire yourself into positive action.

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