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Empowered BY Ellen

November 1st marked the 10th anniversary of my first time attending a taping of the Ellen DeGeneres show. In chapter 16 of my book "Good Bye Job, Hello life,” I talk about this event. Since, I have attended other tapings of her show including a 12 day Christmas give-a-way. However, my first experience represents a milestone in my life. It happened after my job was cut and I lived through a particularly difficult period. Devastated, confused, and down-hearted, I had little self-esteem. But, attending the show and witnessing the excitement of the camera, the lights and celebrities, I felt inspired by the entertainment industry. I did not see myself in front of the cameras but behind them, creating words to entertain and inspire the world. I could even see myself working on Ellen's production set, helping with whatever needed to be done. However, when I checked her openings, I only noticed career opportunities for interns. Regardless, the seed was planted. While I did not know the type of a plant I was going to end up with or how long it was going to take to flourish, I walked away feeling energized to re-write my story. I had no clue at the time, but I felt in my heart that I had the power to figure it all out. No matter how long it was going to take, I had to reinvent myself and do something exciting with my life. I never told anyone how the show deeply affected me, but a series of important events occurred after I returned home. Eventually, I started working on writing – first a play, then a screenplay and finally a book. I realized I had many talents and my biggest task after uncovering them was to incorporate them into my life and create opportunities to use them. The show, my favorite entertainer, the beautiful city of Burbank - home of the amazing world of entertainment, all left a huge mark in my heart. Thanks to Ellen and her staff, I left that day feeling empowered to accomplish anything I wanted.

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